Who We Are

About Asanteman Europe

Asanteman Europe Association is the union of all Asante indigenes and Asanteman Associations spread across Europe. The organization was founded on 18th September 2017. We exist to ensure the culture of Asante Kingdom is passed on from generation to generation. We also exist to ensure the development of the Asante Kingdom in Ghana.

Aims and Objectives

To seek and promote unity among its members.
To learn and promote the Asante culture and traditions by upholding the same in all of its activities and events.
To promote the culture of the Asante Kingdom in Europe.
To teach or instil in the 2nd generation of Ashanti's in Europe about our culture.
To contribute to the development of Asanteman and Ghana in areas such as Education, ICT, Health etc.
To encourage peaceful coexistence with people from all the other ethnic groups in Ghana.
To promote links and cooperation between people of Asante ethnic extraction in Europe.
To promote spontaneous cultural interests of the general public and to develop their understanding of our culture.
To educate our members directly and through member associations about relevant issues in Europe which affects our lives as Immigrants.
To help write/update the history of the Asante Kingdom in European museums.

Asanteman Europe

We represent hope and development in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.


Member Associations

We have 14 member associations in Europe and still counting.

Individual Members

We have more than 3572 individual members across Europe


The 14 member associations are spread across 10 countries in Europe


Asanteman Europe association has 4 main organs Executives, Board, House of Chiefs and Congress


Major happenings in Asanteman Europe
  • 23 November 2019Election of Executives

    We had a congress in Germany hosted by Asanteman Kuo Hamburg and officially elected Executive council members to lead the association.
  • 24 February 2018Acceptance of Constitution

    On 24th of February 2018, 8 member association met in Zurich Switzerland to accept the first constitution draft of the association. At the same time, interim executives were selected.