The Reign Of Nana Kusi Obodum

(  1750  –  1764 )

Nana Kusi Obodum was an uncle to Nana Opoku Ware I. He was advanced in the age when he was enstooled as Asantehene. Because of the lessons he had learned on the threats of conquered states breaking away, in Nana Opoku Ware,s reign, he concentrated on the consolidation of the gains of his predecessors. He, therefore, focused his attention on internal stability. According to oral tradition, he found out that one factor which haunted the annexed states was capital punishment imposed on the people for trivial offences. He found out that imposition of capital punishment was not the best tool for reformation, therefore he only applied or endorsed its application when grievous offences like murder which were beyond pardon, were committed. Other than that he would commute the death sentence to a fine or banishment.
One important war he fought was that between the Asante Kingdom and the Akyem State. The Akyems were helped by the people of Dahomey. However, Nana Kusi Obodum and his troops were able to subdue them. Though he was old, Oral tradition has it that his death might have been caused by wounds he got from the war which made him unhealthy until his death in 1764.